I've lost my mind because of the rush. You changed your company and didn't tell me? And told me not to write. As soon as I was angry, I made the stupidest and most painful decision in my life. wrong! wrong! wrong! And the age of disorder In that Spring Festival, you were so confident to make fun of me to chase her It's registered in that island. Alas! Life has no turning back, there is no medicine in the world! By the time your letter came from the army, it was summer. This kind of scene can only be seen in TV plays. The most important thing in the world is when someone you love comes to you, and you already have that right. Some say, like clothes, like hands and feet. I can't be so natural and unrestrained. It's easy to cheat others, hard to cheat myself, how much I wake up in the middle of the night, how much I stay up all night. It's hard to experience without experience. That kind of unforgettable pain! The pain that words can't describe. In your world, I would like to be as common as vegetable root, as low as dust! I would like to have a long love for my children, not to be heroic! My hometown has become the most important place for me. When I walk through that old street, the attic is still there, which has changed a lot. The hotel beside the station is our last place. Every time I walk through those places, a kind of heartbreaking pain tears me. A few years ago, I wandered around your door. The two-story stone building that stands out no longer exists. Instead, there are rows of five or six story houses around. I didn't know that it was your parents' home. Now, apart from my parents' death day and Qingming Festival, I hardly go back at ordinary times.